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Utilities companies face a number of common issues as a result of market deregulation and the consolidation which subsequently ensued.

Against this backdrop, KIP has developed a range of services to help utilities companies operate more efficiently. These include implementing new budgeting, finance and CRM applications which support the core processes in the utilities sectors, Operation and Regulatory compliance reporting, Asset Management, Customer Service as well as Debt recovery and financial performance reporting. Our consultants have considerable experience working with Water, Electricity and Gas utility companies and have delivered a number of successful projects in the sector.

Customer experience goes far beyond customer service. Today’s consumers are increasingly digital, social and mobile. Our hospitality and retail solutions support global clients in creating a seamless, personalized, real-time and secure customer service experience. 




Engage your clients with our cloud-based solutions.
  • Effective project management
  • Manage all your data in a stable, secure & accessible platform.
  • Transform your manual business processes to digital, automated processes.
  • One integrated platform to manage all your business processes.
  • A scalable system landscape that easily integrates with legacy applications

KIP focuses on customer success. As a leading enterprise business and technology solutions provider in North America.

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