Public Sector and Not for Profit

Public Sector and Not for Profit

Our experience in these markets ensure that our clients have the in-depth, specialist and detailed knowledge and an understanding.

Organizations outside of the commercial sector are not immune to market pressures. Within the public sector, local and county councils are being asked by central government to tighten their spending while at the same time be expected to deliver improved services to their electorate. Not-for-profit organizations must be seen to maximize the effectiveness of the financial contributions of their membership or donors. The result has been an unprecedented level of organizational and technology change.

We appreciate that, while the objectives may be similar to the commercial sector, for the approach adopted to be effective it must be in sympathy with working practices. We have proven our understanding of the particular constraints of this sector on a broad range of projects.

We help nonprofits turn challenges into opportunities and become truly human-centered technology-enabled organizations.
  • Strategy

    Shift up to the next operational level with a written strategic plan, and a sustainable strategy for the future.

  • Analytics

    Less than 4 in 10 nonprofits use data analytics. But 83 percent of those that do report significant efficiency gains.

  • Digital Engagement

    Captivate today’s constituents by communicating in the right place, at the right time, in the right way.

  • Accelerated impact

    Raise performance by leveraging modern cloud tools and platforms, and put technology to work beyond the back office.


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