Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Successful companies are those that harness the knowledge within their organization.

This ensures their unique intellectual assets are able to be capitalized upon today and built upon tomorrow. No one would dispute that knowledge is the lifeblood of all organizations no matter what industry sector they are in. The bottom line is that all employees are information workers, creating information, consuming information, storing information and sharing information with other people.

As with any business process, the processes of the Information worker present an opportunity for improvement through re-engineering. Indeed there is an imperative to do so, as all too often processes and information is either contained inside people’s heads or defined locally within a multitude of disconnected silos – creating a considerable risk for organizations when people leave or information is lost.

At KIP, our methods and experience allow organizations to understand and quantify their business needs for information working, to appreciate and quantify the opportunities and benefits available and to prioritize the activities. Our Information Worker Readiness Assessment enables organizations to quickly understand and quantify their business needs and forecast the value to be gained from adopting information worker solutions. Our approach ensures that, at all times.

Our knowledge management solutions are aimed at delivering tangible, quantifiable benefits.
  • Enterprise Search
  • Portal and Content Management
  • Collaboration
  • Taxonomy and Classification

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