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Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) supports extracting the data from various data sources including but not limited to ANSI, Legacy, Flat files to complex data sources running on Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2 and DB2/400. ETL Module also applies logic or custom algorithms or formulae per the client specifications and runs the application on the extracted data and the result set will be produced and may be loaded to the target database(s) or can be simple extracted as customizable XML file for further use.

Migrating data to new applications adds significant overheads to project implementations. Vital data contained within legacy applications often requires significant effort to configure and load, holding back the benefits of new applications.

Data Loader is an easy-to-use data migration tool that quickly converts and loads existing data into new applications. Its simple interface means that it can be used by non-technical employees, giving end-users an active role in the implementation and support of any system.

Data Loader loads data into any application running in Windows, and contains extra functionality for loading data and setup into various ERP applications. Data Loader is far and away the most popular end-user-friendly data conversion tool available today.

Why Use Data Loader?

Non-technical users can easily configure and load data into any system. Recommended by various systems integrators, Data Loader contains specific additional features to load large volumes of data in any implementation of ERP Systems. Data Loader is available in Classic and Professional editions, catering to all types of application implementation from the simple to the complex ERP applications.

KIP’s proven method and supporting toolset cuts the time and cost of migrating legacy applications to new Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) enabled solutions by up to 70%. The migration framework includes an upgrade modeling tool, code generation tools as well as a large code base. It is available for both J2EE and .NET platforms.
Using our method and tools our clients can:

  • Objectively assess end of life criteria
  • Target component re-use
  • Automate project estimating
  • Automate work breakdown planning
  • Automate code migration and generation.

We have a range of tailored offerings which include:

  • Upgrade expert VB6 to .NET
  • Upgrade expert AS400 to .NET
  • Upgrade Expert Oracle Forms to Java/ J2EE
  • Tech refresh cross vertical.

We have developed warehouse templates for a number of industries – including Retail, Finance, Insurance and Utilities sectors. The templates represent best practice data and processes in each industry and include standard ETL code from common applications. The templates reduce the time and cost to deploy warehouse solutions.

KIP Chip is Database to run on a static chip, developed by KIP.  RDBMS on a chip can be loaded on an electronic device such as mobile phone to support transactions and even support to hold the electronic data and even serve as electronic payment gateway. RDBMS is a revolutionary product which can run on a microprocessor with micro version of Linux and Kerberos. Also this product manages the cache so well that even the larger RDBMS systems running on larger scale implementations cannot. RDBMS on a chip can also support OLTP smart scheduling to Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) engines in order to optimize both instruction and data cache (processor cache) performance, as well as, to improve the (intra-transaction) parallelism in those workloads.

The KIP application development framework is suite of tools developed in .NET and Java J2EE that provide the standard plumbing for custom solutions. The framework represents our experience in solution development combined with industry best practice.

Use of our framework enables the following:

  • Consistency across deliverables
  • Acceleration of software development
  • Reduction of risk
  • Ensure use of best practices
  • Effective use of agile and iterative development concepts
  • Effective use of Open Source technologies
  • Transparency across the development lifecycle
  • Assurance of delivering against the requirements, both functional and non-functional
  • Our application development framework has over 4000 man days of investment and is proven to significantly expedite solution delivery.

KIP focuses on customer success. As a leading enterprise business and technology solutions provider in North America,

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