Travel, Transportation and Logistics

Travel, Transportation and Logistics

The objective is to harness the power of digital in order to drive down costs, enhance supply chain integration, and increase market power through customer fulfilment.

In recent times, this sector has been subject to greater change than any other. De-regulation of public transportation in many countries initially led to the setting-up of numerous new providers. Then, more recently, it prompted a wave of organizational consolidation. New technology has been a key enabler in achieving this change. An increasing number of this sector’s business clients and consumers use the internet for booking and payment. To cope efficiently, the consolidated businesses require a single flexible set of integrated core business systems with effective reporting.

KIP has been first in line to provide a range of technical solutions designed to enable our clients in this sector to operate at maximum efficiency.

  • Single view of global business
  • Full analytical view of clients
  • Software to enable driverless and autonomous revolutions
  • SaaS platforms for predictive analytics and enhanced customer experiences
  • Advanced fleet management
  • Autonomous mobile robots
  • Repetitive tasks automation
  • Real-time supply chain integration
  • Cloud-based SaaS transportation management systems
  • Last-mile logistics platform
  • Blockchain-based logistics solutions
  • Warehouse Robotics
  • AI- enabled tech for predictions, demand forecasting, optimization, and energy efficiency
  • AR and computer vision enabled solutions
  • Cloud-based SaaS solutions for logistics companies allow for pay-per-use models

KIP focuses on customer success. As a leading enterprise business and technology solutions provider in North America.

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