Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

Information in most large organizations is scattered across multiple transactional systems.

These disparate islands of data are often inaccessible and difficult to analyze preventing companies from making fast decisions and improving operational efficiencies.

KIP delivers Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and reporting projects 
that allow data from diverse sets of structured and unstructured data to be
pulled together and integrated within a single reporting environment to
provide “one version of the truth” within an organization.

We have highest level of experience in implementing data warehousing and reporting solutions using tools such as  Proclarity, Informatica, DataStage, Business Objects and Cognos

Once information is held in a clean and aligned form, it can be exploited to fundamentally change how companies approach operational reporting.
Examples of the changes that organizations are able to deliver include 
Production and distribution of balanced scorecard reports across an
organization can enable a more strategic vision of company direction due
to alignment of operational reporting.


Our Solutions Include

  • Access to data to drive audit and compliance reporting across multiple sources of data and applications.
  • The ability to publish and share information internally and also externally with partners, suppliers and clients
  • We adopt a business centric approach advising clients on strategy and tool selection and have implemented some of the largest and most complex performance management solutions.
  • Tighter, faster and better decision making
  • Reduced reliance on Excel spreadsheets for report production and distribution.
  • Our team of business intelligence consultants comprises both business and technical specialists who will work with your organization to identify the requirements for effective reporting and then to design solutions that allow those solutions to be supported.
Management Information Strategy

To help companies define their MIS requirement and to map the requirement to information held within the organization. Working with an organization’s senior executives, we look to review their Management
Information requirements and convert these requirements into a clearly defined strategy that provides the framework for aligned reporting across the enterprise.

Data Warehouse Architecture

To design reporting solutions that are flexible, fault tolerant and allow high volumes of data to be loaded and aggregated quickly for reporting purposes. We are often asked to engage by clients to review their existing warehouse solutions. Working in partnership with our clients we support the design of reporting solutions that are flexible, fault tolerant, allowing high volumes of data to be loaded and aggregated quickly for reporting purposes.

Master Data Management

Is how data across multiple applications is aligned and mapped. Efficient master data management is vital to allow information be analyzed across multiple applications. We have developed proven solutions to enable organisations to align and map master data from across multiple applications ensuring its integrity.

Data Cleansing and Alignment

Is the process for loading, transforming and cleansing data into a single reporting environment to provide ‘one version of the truth’. KIP has experience of both Oracle and Microsoft’s extract, transform and load (ETL) toolset along with tools from other leading vendors for loading and cleansing data. Such solutions provide organizations with cleansed data enabling a ‘single version of the truth’ which provides more accurate and timely reporting.

Advanced Reporting

Our consultants have experience in delivering data to a variety of end users, rather than becoming a tool used by IT. Our independent front business users have experience in delivering data to a variety of users using most of the most popular tools on the market today – including Oracle, Microsoft, Informatica, DataStage, Proclarity, Business Objects and Cognos. Whether the user requirement is for Excel based reporting, Balanced Scorecard reporting, Analytics or Ad-hoc analysis we can help you identify and select the best tool for your end users.

Project and Change Management

Many projects fail because of inappropriate project and change management. We have developed specialist project and change management solutions to help business intelligence reporting to be deployed successfully in large complex companies. Not only do our business intelligence solutions perform well, with the input and usability review from our creative team, they look great too.


KIP focuses on customer success. As a leading enterprise business and technology solutions provider in North America.

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