Retail, Hospitality and Leisure

Retail, Hospitality and Leisure

In an ever-changing environment companies require seamless operations and the latest technologies to ensure customer satisfaction.

As the retail industry continues to face a downturn in consumer spending and a market driven reduction in the cost of many goods, it is vital for retailers to make intelligent use of technology to aid the digestion and analysis of company data.

Retailers often have multiple operational transactional systems such as merchandise management, ERP and POS, each collecting vast amounts of data. Such systems offer very specific information to the retailer. However, in most companies the information from each application exists in isolation from information in other applications. This makes it difficult to analyze information and, as a result, an important source of management intelligence is lost. Real value comes from systems that go beyond the limitations of operational software alone.

Our track record in this sector has been built on a series of showcase projects in which we have made full use of our knowledge of the business problems of our clients to provide innovative cross-platform technical solutions



KIP helps our clients with both strategic and tactical issues whether it be managing for growth, optimizing operational performance, providing assurance, or maintaining compliance.
  • Maintain a competitive edge with future proof technology solutions.
  • We deliver scalable and agile IT services that help hospitality, retail and leisure businesses keep pace with change.
  • We work individually with each customer to access their digital landscape and evolving requirements, to provide a bespoke solution that accelerates growth and guarantees lifetime value.

KIP focuses on customer success. As a leading enterprise business and technology solutions provider in North America.

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