Other Commercial

Other Commercial

We support with software design and development for licensing or sale to end users or that serves a commercial purpose.

The commercial market place is increasingly engaged in consolidation, as organizations acquire or merge with competitors to increase market share or provide a broader product mix. There is also increased demand for multi-channel distribution, collaborative commerce and changes to the sales model. Much of this can only be achieved through adoption of the internet, contact centers and enterprise solutions.

Building on our significant commercial expertise, KIP is working with its clients to develop flexible, timely, cost-effective solutions that enable them to take advantage of the opportunities generated by these market developments. organizations are developing cutting edge platforms and systems with exceptional performance goals. 

Governments are transforming infrastructure and security systems and technology. The driving force is innovation, facilitated by collaborative, synchronized program management across the product lifecycle and value chain.


This includes providing solutions for a range of commercial areas such as:
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Technology
  • Professional Services
  • Manufacturing

KIP focuses on customer success. As a leading enterprise business and technology solutions provider in North America.

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