KIP’s portfolio of products and services will support a business solution throughout its entire life.

To make sure we deliver effective technology solutions on time and within budget, we believe it’s essential to establish the correct foundation for the project right from the start.

Our focus is simple. At the outset of each project we work with our clients to formulate their business objectives and help them develop a strategy and business case to achieve their aims.

By blending business skills, with architecture and project management expertise we can ensure that technology projects are built on foundations with the strength needed to deliver them successfully.

Each of these solutions have been developed through utilizing best of breed technology from vendors such Oracle and Microsoft.

All our projects offer the reassurance of being underpinned by support from KIP’s managed services team. This not only reduces the cost of supporting the application, it has been shown to increase the life of the solutions, and it allows you to spread the cost of projects over a number of years.

Once the groundwork has been done, we provide our clients with a range of solutions.
  • ERP and CRM
  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
  • Custom Development
  • Creative design and Usability
  • Legacy Solutions Migration
  • Business Process Management
  • Collaboration and Portals

IT Strategy

Our services are based on a deep understanding of how to make technology work in blue-chip companies.
It is often difficult and expensive to correct these errors later in the project. Our philosophy is that the best way to deliver successful technology projects is to ensure that the correct decisions are made at the start of the project.
We have experience of working with companies to help formulate, plan and review IT and IS strategies and objectives. We have developed methods and approaches for conducting these studies, and have reference sites across our vertical industries.

  • Business Case Preparation
  • Application selection and evaluation
  • Architecture design and review
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Service Orientated Architecture
  • Data Migration and Integration
  • Legacy System Migration
  • Implementing open source technology
  • IS Governance and best practices

Project and Change Management

For projects to be delivered on time, to budget and then successfully adopted by the end user is no mean accomplishment and it most definitely doesn’t happen without intervention.

At KIP, we fully understand the implications of effective project and change management, which is why these two disciplines are at the core of all our projects, no matter the size or scope of implementation.

Project Management

Project management is the function that ties together all the different project tasks into one cooperative effort. In general, project management provides necessary leadership to coordinate and integrate various disciplines into a functional and focused group intent on successful completion.

KIP’s project management approach is based on Prince 2. Most of our project managers are from industry backgrounds and have years of experience in implementing complex programmes of technology change.

Our project management allows companies to maximize their return on projects by introducing:

  • Standard operating procedures for projects
  • Best practice for planning, monitoring and controlling project progress.
  • Stake holder management
  • Project and Program office
  • Template driven methodology
  • Project Charter
  • Project Initiation Document
  • Project Plans
  • Issue and Risk Logs
  • Change Control

We provide a range of services to our clients that can range from short Project Health Checks through to full blown project and program management.

Change Management

Change and Management are not two words that easily fit together. Next to each other they conjure up the visualization of trying to corral chaos. However, in a business lifecycle, the chances of dramatic change at some point are very high. Whether that the change is growth via mergers or acquisitions, or re-structuring, or downsizing to compensate for lack of business, the people who feel the change the most are the employees.


Enterprise Applications promise real-time access to information across your enterprise, communication with your business partners through the integration of systems and the opportunity to capitalize on the value of vital customer data.

We appreciate that whether you are implementing an ERP system for the first time, seeking to improve business process or gain competitive advantage through the implementation of additional modules or upgrading your existing systems to take advantage of new technology and enhanced functionality, return on investment is notoriously difficult to achieve.

KIP have proven expertise in SAP, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Oracle E-Business Suite.

By working in partnership with our clients we help solve complex business issues; ensuring that business benefit is delivered through a combination of packaged software, more efficient processes and deep technical and industry experience. We create and deliver original tailor-made solutions to fit the most exacting timescales, rather than relying on inflexible one size fits all methodologies.

Program Management and ERP Implementation Expertise:
  • Solution Design
  • Solution Build
  • Solution Test
  • Business Case Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Change Control
  • Risk Issue and Scope Management
  • CSF and Process Tracking
  • Transition and Rollout

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

Information in most large organizations is scattered across multiple transactional systems. These disparate islands of data are often inaccessible and difficult to analyze preventing companies from making fast decisions and improving operational efficiencies.
KIP delivers Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and reporting projects that allow data from diverse sets of structured and unstructured data to be pulled together and integrated within a single reporting environment to provide “one version of the truth” within an organization.

Once information is held in a clean and aligned form, it can be exploited to fundamentally change how companies approach operational reporting. Examples of the changes that organizations are able to deliver include:

  • Production and distribution of balanced scorecard reports across an organization can enable a more strategic vision of company direction due to alignment of operational reporting.
  • Access to data to drive audit and compliance reporting across multiple sources of data and applications.
  • The ability to publish and share information internally and also externally with partners, suppliers and clients.
  • Tighter, faster and better decision making
  • Reduced reliance on Excel spreadsheets for report production and distribution.
  • Our team of business intelligence consultants comprises both business and technical specialists who will work with your organization to identify the requirements for effective reporting and then to design solutions that allow those solutions to be supported.
  • We adopt a business centric approach advising clients on strategy and tool selection and have implemented some of the largest and most complex performance management solutions.
Our solutions include

Management Information Strategy

To help companies define their MIS requirement and to map the requirement to information held within the organization. Working with an organization’s senior executives, we look to review their Management Information requirements and convert these requirements into a clearly defined strategy that provides the framework for aligned reporting across the enterprise.

Data Warehouse Architecture

To design reporting solutions that are flexible, fault tolerant and allow high volumes of data to be loaded and aggregated quickly for reporting purposes. We are often asked to engage by clients to review their existing warehouse solutions. Working in partnership with our clients we support the design of reporting solutions that are flexible, fault tolerant, allowing high volumes of data to be loaded and aggregated quickly for reporting purposes.

Master Data Management

Is how data across multiple applications is aligned and mapped. Efficient master data management is vital to allow information be analyzed across multiple applications. We have developed proven solutions to enable organisations to align and map master data from across multiple applications ensuring its integrity.

Data Cleansing and Alignment

Is the process for loading, transforming and cleansing data into a single reporting environment to provide ‘one version of the truth’. KIP has experience of both Oracle and Microsoft’s extract, transform and load (ETL) toolset along with tools from other leading vendors for loading and cleansing data. Such solutions provide organizations with cleansed data enabling a ‘single version of the truth’ which provides more accurate and timely reporting.

Advanced Reporting

Our consultants have experience in delivering data to a variety of end users, rather than becoming a tool used by IT. Our independent front business users have experience in delivering data to a variety of users using most of the most popular tools on the market today – including Oracle, Microsoft, Informatica, DataStage, Proclarity, Business Objects and Cognos. Whether the user requirement is for Excel based reporting, Balanced Scorecard reporting, Analytics or Ad-hoc analysis we can help you identify and select the best tool for your end users.

Project and Change Management

Many projects fail because of inappropriate project and change management. We have developed specialist project and change management solutions to help business intelligence reporting to be deployed successfully in large complex companies.
Not only do our business intelligence solutions perform well, with the input and usability review from our creative team, they look great too.

We have highest level of experience in implementing data warehousing and reporting solutions using tools such as  Proclarity, Informatica, DataStage, Business Objects and Cognos

Legacy System Migration

As organizations adapt to remain competitive, their products, services and business processes need the ability to change quickly.

IT departments with a multitude of legacy systems are struggling to respond to these business demands, and in addition are facing increasing cost of ownership for these legacy applications.

Addressing the challenges of refreshing the corporate application portfolio plays an important role in the management of IT assets for businesses. Having such a strategy is becoming increasingly important in today’s complex IT landscape – executing on that strategy in an efficient manner whilst offering service level improvements is crucial.
We assist our clients in defining their migration strategies. A well planned migration strategy can mean the difference between a costly failure and a successful replacement program providing:

  • Greater business agility – allowing changes in business processes to be rapidly reflected within applications.
  • Decreased operating costs and lower risk – scalable service oriented architected solutions require less maintenance and lower cost of ownership.
  • Improved staff resourcing – providing leading technology solutions will improve staff retention and ease the burden of recruiting appropriately skilled resource.

We have a proven reputation for migrating complex bespoke systems from a range of legacy technologies to an n-tiered service oriented solution enabling seamless secure integration with external organizations, such as clients and suppliers.

The KIP approach covers:

Cost Benefit Analysis

To ensure the solution will deliver value back to the organization in an acceptable timeframe.

Technical Roadmap definition

A staged plan to enable delivery over time, maximizing use of legacy components as a transition mechanism.

Migration Planning

Detailed work breakdown structure delivering functionality and benefit in a phased approach.

Migration Execution

Our automated upgrade kits coupled with our application development framework ensures that your organization’s refresh strategies are executed in a timely and cost efficient manner on top of a future-proof architecture that is efficient, scalable and highly optimized.

Our migration approach is based on the industry leading Model Driven Architecture paradigm and is proven on a range of migrations ranging from a single application to a FTSE 100 enterprise-wide platform migration.

Knowledge Management

Successful companies are those that harness the knowledge within their organization. This ensures their unique intellectual assets are able to be capitalized upon today and built upon tomorrow.

No one would dispute that knowledge is the lifeblood of all organizations no matter what industry sector they are in. The bottom line is that all employees are information workers, creating information, consuming information, storing information and sharing information with other people.

As with any business process, the processes of the Information worker present an opportunity for improvement through re-engineering. Indeed there is an imperative to do so, as all too often processes and information is either contained inside people’s heads or defined locally within a multitude of disconnected silos – creating a considerable risk for organizations when people leave or information is lost.

At KIP, our methods and experience allow organizations to understand and quantify their business needs for information working, to appreciate and quantify the opportunities and benefits available and to prioritize the activities.

Our Information Worker Readiness Assessment enables organizations to quickly understand and quantify their business needs and forecast the value to be gained from adopting information worker solutions. Our approach ensures that, at all times, our knowledge management solutions are aimed at delivering tangible, quantifiable benefits.

Our knowledge management solutions are aimed at delivering tangible, quantifiable benefits.
  • Enterprise Search
  • Portal and Content Management
  • Collaboration
  • Taxonomy and Classification

Custom Solutions Development

Custom software development projects have traditionally been hard to estimate, slow to build, error prone and expensive.

Given this, companies often resort to implementing software packages which poorly support the envisaged business processes or else massively de-scope the original custom development project and in doing so often fail to deliver the full business benefit.

The traditional limitations of custom development projects are however being removed. The reality is that some organizations are now, for the first time, beginning to realize the promise of software re-use and are moving towards the “industrialization of software engineering”.

At KIP, we assist our clients on this journey and have packaged software engineering best practice into the KIP Solutions Platform. Applications developed using this platform has demonstrable high ROI in terms of reduced development time and total cost of ownership.

At KIP, we assist our clients on this journey and have packaged software engineering best practice into the KIP Solutions Platform. Applications developed using this platform has demonstrable high ROI in terms of reduced development time and total cost of ownership.

KIP can offer the Financial Services sector an integrated, industry-specific solution which offers:
  • Industry Specific Functionality

    Process centric architecture designed to map business processes.

  • Common Business Functionality

    Raising the level of Abstraction by which we build software.

  • Application Development Framework

    Utilization of proven re-usable software components to address specific engineering problems such as technology.

  • Application Development Framework

    Utilization of proven re-usable software components to address specific engineering problems such as technology.

  • Productivity Tools and Methods

    Focusing Scarce Resources on the business problems.


KIP focuses on customer success. As a leading enterprise business and technology solutions provider in North America.

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